I am a historian and geographer whose work rests at the intersection of women’s history, environmental history, and feminist science and technology studies. My recent work looks at 1960s-1980s grassroots social movements that attempted to find solutions to threatened global ecologies. In this, I focus on women’s activism and the ways race and gender shaped ideas of a planetary environment. My research interests lie in the history of feminisms, environmental justice, alternative energy technologies, race and gender in environmental movements, and the social production of ecology, among other things. Geography informs my historical work, including the social construction of space and place, questions of scale, and ideas of nature.

For me, scholarship and teaching are inherently political acts. My work centers on understanding the co-production of gender, race, and environment, environmental justices, and the possibility of political transformation.

You can contact me at emma[dot]schroeder[at]maine[dot]edu.

I grew up along the banks of the Penobscot River, in the homeland of the Penobscot Nation. I acknowledge their sovereignty and their rights to the river.

I hold a PhD in History from the University of Maine, an MS in Geography from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a BA in Biology from Swarthmore College.

Penobscot River in spring. Emma Schroeder.

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